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kitty face

Rushing toward 2009

So. Let's see a show of hands from those who think 2008 was a very bad, horrible, depressing, and just overall crappy year?

Hmm. Ok, hold on, I'm losing track of the count!

Yeah. For quite a lot of my friends and family and general acquaintances this year has been one mess after another. I mean...jeez...there will probably be a new fact for the NFL record books Sunday when the Detroit Lions go an entire season without winning an damned thing. And that, my friends, is true representation of how Michigan as a state is going overall too. No wonder we've all been having crappy years.


To try and not think about all the crap that this year has brought with it...I'm gonna start thinking about 2009. It's got to be better....doesn't it? Lie to me if you have to...but say yes, anyway lol.

So. 2009.

First of the year is coming with resolution making that won't be followed through. I'm tempted to make a few but since doing so puts whatever I hope to accomplish in the automatic "will not happen" column, I'll pass.

Still, I hope to see a few things through in the coming year. Personally I've changed a lot in the last two years and I hope the trend continues although this year has been a mixed bag in terms of the changes being good and/or bad.

Writing. God, that's been a bust the last couple of years. A crisis of faith as to whether I have the willpower to see through the hard times that come so often with my writing that is sadly still going on - even though I think I've caught a glimpse of a rainbow in the distance so maybe that's clearing up a bit. Maybe.

Work. Well. That's in the hands of others. I can only hope what needs to happen does and the changes resulting from that aren't too bad. I need my job too much to let it go - -cause there's no other jobs out there atm -- so yeah, fingers crossed over that one.

Personal. Heh. Where to begin, where to begin... Yeah. At the moment, I'm watching everything with at careful eye and trying not to play with the bomb in my hand. I'd like 2009 to be a year with less self-destruction than this year, please.


The saving grace of 08 for me was this move back to Washington. Otherwise, the year has pretty much sucked ass. I've lost count of the number of friends that have lost family members or had other disasters happen.

I'm hoping 09 turns for the better, because if things keep up the way they've been......

I'm certainly keeping my fingers crossed for 2009.
yup. Let's all keep thinking that -- so it'll have to come true! :D

I honestly don't know if I can take another year like this one. heh