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So..I've slipped a little looking at writing stuff, mainly cause there are a couple people I won't be able to talk to much anymore that I've been spending time with on WoW. One will be gone here in a couple days. The other...I'm not sure. :( I know he deploys sometime in feb, at least last I knew. :(

But, I have been thinking. Already my story idea for the 2yn has changed here and there so I really need to find something else to focus on in between working on the weekly assignments or I'm gonna just end up running with it. Which I don't want to do. I know the story isn't ready for it for one. And for the other, I want to give this course an honest chance. On the other hand, I'm failing miserably at commenting on others work. I really, really, really mean to do it so...someday soon I'm gonna have to just force myself to get it done. lol

Now, when I first started this workshop I figured I'd just write short stories here and there to fulfill the urge to write. But, you know what? Persephone is still sitting in the back of my head calling me names for not doing something with it, lol. Granted...it did go through submissions...and failed. But, honestly, I know more needs to be done with it (character development for one) and I was never happy with the way I ended it. Originally I wanted it to be first of three stories but I changed it up to submit it as just one story. Lately I've been thinking about the other two stories and debating on whether I want to give it a shot to actually get them written. I think I kinda do, truth be told. Now the question is...do I work on revision or start second story? Hmm. I'm kinda scared to start writing....it's been sooooo long. lol :(