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Wow. Just went through and cleaned up some of the communities I belonged to on here. Many I took of my friendlist but was still member of them so...decided a little pre-spring cleaning might be in order. Boy, did a few of them bring up memories. Including a couple I'd created and never really did much with -- the word count one I passed on to someone else and the healthy writing one I just...sort of let die. The latter one still sounds like a good idea and I'd love to get it started back up but see...I have this issue with being bad with food when I start to think about dieting and moving into a "healthy" lifestyle. Whereas when I'm just not thinking about it at all -- I do much better. Heh. Case in point we have a "biggest loser" contest going on at work that i signed up for but now I'm thinking about dropping out -- cause I was doing soooo much better before I joined it. Crazy, huh?

But...I don't know. Maybe I will get back into that community. Granted -- I'd have to try and build it back up from the ground and I'd want help with it cause my attention span for livejournal, while getting better, has been spotty to say the least. ;)


Something to think on, I guess.