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kitty face

So....an update on me is due considering how long it's been since i've posted anything here.

I've replaced my WoW addiction with Warhammer Online. On the plus side -- it doesn't take up quite as much of my time and i've been doing a LOT more reading then i used to. I've also been thinking about writing again.

I know...I know. Seen me say that before, haven't ya'll? LOL

I finally am starting to feel like I'm getting my head on straight now that I changed job postions-- although maybe not completely. I'm still being silly in some ways but with a lot less stress. For those who might vaguely remember some friend locked posts from last year...nothing went far with that in the end but i'm talking to someone else now. Seems I didn't learn my lesson too much other than to slow the fuck down and let stuff grow on its own. :P
/end cryptic portion of post

Anyway. I'm still working on a dark crazy fantasy idea that I'd love to really get off the ground. And, for that I need to start writing and stop thinking or I'll over-think on it to the point where i've beaten it to death with all the reasons it won't work. Which has been my SOP for the last three years. Fuck. Three years. I can't believe it's actually been that long since i've really wrote hardcore. Jeez...time flies when you're not having fun, doesn't it? Too bad it flies even faster when you are having fun. :-/


*poke* I'd love to hear more about this dark crazy fantasy idea. :)

Basically i want to do a story of all "bad" guys. But i haven't had a specific character pop into my head yet -- one that i can stick with and get decent motivation going that will make people root for them in some manner.

So, i'm letting it percolate still while I catch up with my reading. ;-)
Oooh, dark crazy fantasy - woo! It's been at least two years since I was writing seriously day in, day out, but I hope to get back into it properly soon. Am taking tentative steps at the mo.
Yeah. i'm being very tentative. The desire is there. No denying that. But i'm afraid it'll go running back to the dark hole it's been hiding in if i shine too bright of a light on it.