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So...last week there was a writing community spotlighted runaway_tales and I've been poking around in it for a few days -- checking out all the very cool prompts they have and figuring out the little ins and outs of how they work the community. Haven't read any of the pieces yet but i'll probably sit down and do so sometime soonish to help ease back into the whole writing comm atmosphere. And, in between doing that i'll keep pondering the prompts till i find a set that interests me.

I feel the idea of getting back to writing blossoming...it kinda sucks that I'm starting back at the beginning so to speak...but then again, that's when writing was fun. I let myself forget about the fun of writing and focused only on the stress and negatives and all the plotting and planning and stuff like that. I forgot that what i loved about writing was discovering the story as i'm writing it. I need to get that back and hold it tight before i start branching back out to the professional minded writing things.

I'm actually pondering NaNoWriMo....and it sounds kinda fun to me this time around. Maybe.


Oooh interesting. I can't decide if the comm is really complicated or really simple though. From the looks of it you can just post from your current wip as long as it satisfies a prompt (in whatever way) from your current 'flavour'. eta: hmm, or maybe it's more about writing AU stuff from your fic? Either way not sure it would work for me but I do fancy finding a good brainstormy/idea/wip sharing comm if there are good ones out there.

I don't think I can manage Nano this year, as hopefully we'll be in the middle of a house move, but I do miss the challenge of it - and the (sometimes) fun community.

Edited at 2009-09-22 05:26 pm (UTC)
yeah from what i've seen you can post from current wip. i could also see it being a good way to get some worldbuilding figured out -- by writing scenes from the world itself.

For me...it might be a good way to actually come up with a story in an interesting way that will challenge me -- making me focus more on the challenge then worrying about all the "proper" things i should be thinking about story wise ;-)
cool. yeah. every day i look at the flavors. i have about three that really call to me but I haven't sat down yet to write anything. However....I go on vacation next week so I should start to post there during that. :)