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Normal is relative to non-normal

As life has settled into a pattern of sameness, I've been able to get back into the reading groove with the help of the local libary.  After getting rid of over half of my book collection with moving, I've cut back massively on the actual buying of books.  Unfortuntely.  On the plus side, the local public library here seems to buy from a wide range of publishers including small ones so there's a nice variety. 

There are a lot of supernatural/urban/horror fantasy type series out there, aren't there?  Oh boy. I'm having a hard enough time remembering the ones I was reading. Now every trip to the library has me finding new ones on top of the old ones I barely remember. 

Currently, been reading Christine Warren's The Others series.  The stories are nice- fast and entertaining. It's just the timeline is all screwy in the way the books were released.  So confusing but I've finally manage to get my brain to just let it go and enjoy each book on its own.  

All the reading has stirred the creative mind, but not quite enough for me to break through the mental block of actually writing.  The craving is there though.
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