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I've no idea...

So, I stumbled across a group of books with a modern western setting and characters at my last visit to the library and thought...ohh...cowboys..southern antics...all good.  But, while i suspected it might be a series of some form or another, I couldn't tell for sure so I picked up a couple that sounding interesting.  I tried reading one yesterday and just....ugh.  I so want to like it but I feel like I've walked into a small town where I'm very much the stranger.  I can't connect to the heroine at all...in fact, she's pretty darn annoying. The hero for the moment seems to only be there to provide a reason for the heroine to come up with snazzy comments to her friends.  36 pages in (with some skimming of the pages) and I think I'm done.  One more reference to the song where the book's title came from and I might be tempted to tear the page up (it's a library book..that would be bad).... Silly me because the song lyrics as titles were another reason the books caught my attention....who knew i'd be beat over the head with it in just the first chapter alone.

Very Disappointing.

On the plus side...once I ditched that book I settled in to Jeaniene Frost's Once Burned.  Loved Vlad in the Night Huntress series...and after reading this book I still do.  Bones is still top fav though. :)