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The one where nothing much happens

Still reading although, with vacation over and having found the charger for my MP3 player, not reading as much as I was before.  Read a couple Lindsey McKenna books. Old-fashion harlequin romance...where everything just seems to happen the way it should.  Not a lot of gut-wrenching emotions to make a reader cry her heart out or believe love can eventually overcome all odds.   In other words, I found myself skimming a lot of the two books.  All well. 

I have about four other books I'm kinda casually reading.  The last book in the James Clemens Wit'ch series, the second book of the House of Comarre series by Kristin Painter, The Magicians and Mrs. Quent by Galen Beckett, and Shaded Vision by Yasmine Galenorn. The last one will probably get finished first.  They are all good...just...my attention span for fantasy books isn't extremely fixed on anything at the moment.

Haven't really thought too much about writing this pass week. Mostly been dealing with work and how much I'd really like to not have to go there.  The overall social environment is just getting more and more toxic.  I miss 3rd shift when I didn't have to deal with this crap.

Bought Guild Wars 2. It's ok...but it's a good thing there's no monthly subscription because I doubt I would have been bothered to continue to pay for it with WoW's next expansion on the horizon.